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2020 Spring Travel Program

The information provided here is subject to change due to the
Return to Soccer guidelines as posted by Mass Youth Soccer.

What is travel soccer?

Travel soccer is a program designed for the more serious athlete — and family — ready to make a commitment to the sport, both financially and in time. The travel season technically takes place in the Spring (April through June). However, given the dedication to the sport in Bridgewater, teams are established in the Fall and play indoors at the Bridgewater Sports Complex – the Dome* — and/or Taunton ForeKicks* from November through March.

Spring Travel soccer is sanctioned by BYSA and South Shore Soccer League (SSSL). SSSL is a designee of Mass Youth Soccer and consists of member towns from our immediate area.  BYSA follows all rules and regulations sanctioned by Mass Youth Soccer and SSSL.


  • All Grade 1/2 & Grade 3/4 (U8 & U10) games are non-results oriented. While scores are kept, no standings are enforced as both divisions are geared at player development, not wins or losses.
  • In 2011, Mass Youth Soccer decommissioned Grade 1/2 (U8) travel soccer, so BYSA is coordinating a house league that will participate in Dome play and a a series of “friendly” matches from April-June in East Bridgewater.  Read our Grade 1/2 (U8) Placement FAQs for more information.

* Indoor soccer played at either the Dome or ForeKicks is NOT sanctioned by BYSA. Teams play against local area towns and are placed in divisions, set by the facility, by skill level to ensure competitive games.

How are teams set?

BYSA conducts an evaluation process for all players interested in playing travel soccer. Each year, players participate in one or more evaluation sessions, where they are measured in three key areas of the game: tactical, technical and physical. Evaluators include BYSA Board Members, coaches for that division and other knowledgeable soccer participants.

After the tryouts, a Division Coordinator consolidates all ratings which yields a ranking of the players. Division coaches then participate in a placement session, where teams are set as follows: A Team, B Team, C Team, and so on.**

The number of teams is contingent upon the number of players that tryout and the number of coaches willing to take on the commitment of running a travel soccer team.

** Note: U8 teams are not constructed by rank to enhance player development for all. Please read our Grade 1/2 (U8) Placement FAQs for more information.

How much does travel soccer cost?

There are variances in cost, mostly contingent upon the coach’s preference in Dome activities. Each Dome/Indoor session costs between $70-$100 per player. Practice for all three Dome sessions will total between $50-$80 per player depending on frequency, the number of players per team and if the team is sharing a field.

Uniforms and Equipment: Travel teams usually have two uniforms – one for the Dome ($15+/-) and one for outdoors ($50-75); some teams use their outdoor town uniforms indoors. Shin pads are required. Cleats are needed both indoors and out.

It is safe to assume a total cost of $350-$500.

The official fee for Spring Travel soccer is $70 for grades 1/2 (U8), and $85 for grades 3/4 and up (U10+), if paid prior to December 31. After December 31 the registration fee is $85 for grades 1/2 (U8), and $100.00 for grades 3/4 and up (U10+).  Cancellation fees may apply for the travel season, so please ensure your child is serious about playing soccer before registering.

Who are the coaches?

Coaches are all BYSA volunteers who have successfully passed a CORI check. They are strongly encouraged to participate in Mass Youth Soccer’s coach education licensing program, and are reimbursed to do so.

Can we play Winter/Indoor only?

If you’re unable to commit to outdoor games with a BYSA travel team, PLEASE do not try out.
After the teams are set, you should contact the Travel Coordinator for that division. S/he will help try to place your child on a winter team, but there are no guarantees. Should your child tryout but not compete in the Spring season, s/he will be taking a spot away from a child who is fully committed to the program; and you will face cancellation fees for doing so.

How do we sign up?

If you have not already, you will need to create an account on our BYSA website and register your child with their birthday and information. Once your player is saved, any programs that are open for registration and available to them will be shown under your 'My Accounts' page. Before travel tryouts, you will register your player for 'Spring Travel Tryouts' which there is no charge for. When you child is assigned to a team, you will receive an automated notification from our system to go into 'My Accounts' and accept your position on that team. At that time, you will be expected to pay the registration fee for the Spring Travel season. Outdoor uniforms will be available for purchase online. If you are order a shirt, either new or a replacement shirt, please ensure your number is correct. Replacement items can be ordered from our supplier anytime, see our home page for a link to the BYSA store.

When are the tryout dates?

Please Note: If there are two dates listed, then players are strongly advised to attend BOTH dates and times! Also please come 30 minutes early to check in.  All tryouts are held at the BYSA fields on Flagg Street.

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Contact Information

Boys 11/12 (U18) Coordinator

Girls 11/12 (U18) Coordinator

Boys 9/10 (U16) Coordinator

Girls 9/10 (U16) Coordinator

Boys 7/8 (U14) Coordinators

Girls 7/8 (U14) Coordinator

Boys 5/6 (U12) Coordinator

Girls 5/6 (U12) Coordinator

Boys 3/4 (U10) Coordinator

Girls 3/4 (U10) Coordinators

Boys 1/2 (U8) Coordinator

Girls 1/2 (U8) Coordinator

Program Dates and Times Coordinator
Boys Grade 11/12 (Formerly U18/U19) TBD
Girls Grade 11/12 (Formerly U18/U19) TBD
Boys Grade 9/10 (Formerly U16) TBD
Girls Grade 9/10 (Formerly U16) TBD
Boys Grade 7/8 (Formerly U14) TBD
Girls Grade 7/8 (Formerly U14) TBD
Boys Grade 5/6 (Formerly U12) TBD
Girls Grade 5/6 (Formerly (U12) TBD TBD
Boys Grade 3/4 (Formerly U10) TBD
Girls Grade 3/4 (Formerly U10)TBD
Boys Grade 1/2 (Formerly U8) TBD
Girls Grade 1/2 (Formerly U8) TBD

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